How to Learn Spanish Quickly and Easily with Spanish Software Programes

 Software language learning programs are relatively new tools which combine the features of the language learning methods with the advantages offered by the fast developing technology in the recent years. Although there are a lot of software products for learning Spanish on the market (offline and online), just few of them can really secure you learning a language as fast and easy as possible.

Benefits of using spanish software programes:

  • You study Spanish without doing boring repetitions of the same material – as is in textbooks and audio sets. By means of multimedia various resources can be integrated – audio, video, text and pictures – and thus various ways for memorization and exercises are possible – video clips, audio conversation, language quizzes and games, etc.
  • Language learning software tools are a form of multimedia. Thus they help you develop all kinds of language skills.
  • They are more convenient and more advanced than audio programs. They allow you easier to replay some sections in order to hear a word a phrase once again.
  • An embedded speech recognition technology helps you develop and track your pronunciation in an efficient and easy way.
  • Language software tools can contain more information compared to both audio lessons and course books. This not only means greater number of exercises (very often in a form of games, quizzes and other interesting).
  • They are suitable both for adults and kids.
  • Software tools can be used both by beginners and intermediate because the training process is not preliminary scheduled and straightforward. In books and audio recordings, intended for beginners it’s not possible for an intermediate to take full advantage unless by jumping forwards and backwards between the pages/recordings, which is often quite boring.

Disadvantages of applying spanish software programes:

  • A computer with you is needed to make use of a software tool, so it is not as universal as a book or an audio recording.
  • Spanish learning software tools are more expensive than a course book or an audio CD. Not that you cannot find some really cheap software products on the market but they definitely would not help you learn Spanish as fast and easy as possible.
  • Software programs for Spanish learning require a computer in front of you. What is more, they are not intended for any operation systems. All the tools support MS Windows but a small number support Mac as well. In most cases however you don’t need any high-performance or the latest model computer.

Software programs for language learning can be based on a single learning method but they can also embed several methods.

For example Rosetta Stone is based on language immersion only, while Tell Me More, Fluenz, Visual Link Spanish and Spanish Uno are based on situational approach and audio-lingual approach.