Discover the 5 Most Important Features of Good Spanish Language Programs

Here are the 5 most important features of a good Spanish learning program that you should looking for  in order to save your time and money:

1. Large amount of audio recordings

A good program comprises lots of audio. Audio is vital for beginners. If you’re a beginner in Spanish, you should by all means avoid the programs that stress on reading and writing.

A good Spanish learning program should include at least 10 hours of audio.

What is more, a special attention should be paid on the pronunciation.

Style of audio does matter as well.

The best Spanish audio programs not only introduce you to conversational Spanish, they also prompt you to speak as much as possible.

2. Strong accent on conversations and vocabulary

My experience with Spanish has shown that language is most effectively used through conversations based on phrases regularly used.

Vocabulary should consist of as much practical and everyday phrases as possible.

Why? Since they are frequently used, it’s easy for you not only to memorize them but also to successfully implement them in practice.

3. New words and phrases in proper context

Words and phrases are best learnt when related to a certain context, or a story – no matter a conversation, a joke, a description or something else.

Learning words out of context is easy for just a small group of people who have strong “photographical” memory.

For the rest of us learning lists of words is a nasty burden which could easily turn your Spanish learning into a nightmare.

On the contrary, words in context help you easily both memorize them and use them successfully afterwards.

4. Grammar should be always in the shadow of conversations and vocabulary learning

The main stress should really be put on conversation and on learning words and phrases. Grammar is supposed just to assist developing your listening and speaking skills in Spanish, to make your progress easier, not to be the center and the target of your study.

At the same time however, in every good course all the grammar rules are be thoroughly explained, with enough exercises and drills.

5. The course should give you a clear idea about the final results you’ll achieve

Still in the very beginning you should be in clear about your level of Spanish after your self-training course is over.

This means that you can be able not only to decide how you will continue from that moment on, but also to feel free to choose another learning program that matches both your need to learn Spanish and your personal preferences and learning style.

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